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Best Things to Do in Merzouga

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Best Things to Do in Merzouga

The Erg Chebbi hills on the Morocco-Algeria line ring with everybody’s most heartfelt thought of the Sahara.

These ethereal hills are shades of orange, gold and bronze, and an entire industry has grown on their western cusp, permitting you to live like a migrant for a little while.

On endeavors into the desert you’ll taste Berber food, find out with regards to abandon ways of life and hear the old, tormenting music of the Gnawas.

Merzouga is close to the shore of the occasional Lac Dayet Srij, supporting a kaleidoscope of birdlife in the desert.

How about we investigate the best activities in Merzouga.

1. Camel Trekking

Camel Trekking
Source: evenfh / shutterstock
Erg Chebbi Camel Trek

What brings individuals many miles to this distant settlement is the opportunity to taste the itinerant way of life as we are aware of it from films.

The hardest part will pick a visit organization that is appropriate for you.

You’ll typically start by selecting a headscarf in Merzouga prior to mounting your camel and loping off into the desert.

Tents, food and water will normally be remembered for the cost, however you might have to set up this well before you leave, and with many organizations you’ll be relied upon to wrangle down the cost.

Nights are an euphoric time, when you’ll have a tagine cooked on the fire, maybe hear some unrecorded music and simply look up at a bigger number of stars than you’ve found in your life.

On the off chance that you’re out for quite some time, you’ll get away from the late morning heat in your tent.

2. Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi
Source: Mitzo / shutterstock
Erg Chebbi Dunes

Individuals travel this way for the heavenly ocean of rises undulating for just about 30 kilometers east of Mezouga along Morocco’s boundary with Algeria.

The hills, consistently formed by the breeze, can ascend as high as 150 meters over the encompassing desert and are practically otherworldly late in the day when they cast long shadows and the low sun draws out the sand’s ruddy tones.

There are endless approaches to experience this supernatural territory, by camel, by ATV, by walking, setting up camp for the time being and surprisingly on a snowboard.

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3. Tagines

Source: marco mayer / shutterstock

Odds are you’ve had a tagine previously.

These conventional Moroccan stews, slow-cooked in a substantial mud pot and frequently differentiating sweet and exquisite flavors, have ventured to the far corners of the planet over.

Tagines, as you might understand, have a cone shaped cover that flows the steam, and following a few hours or more is eliminated to uncover a flavored sheep, lamb, chicken or vegetable dish that melts in the mouth and accompanies couscous.

Presently, many individuals can profess to have cooked their own tagine, yet few can say that they’ve visited a Berber family in the center of the Sahara and taken tips on the best way to make a tagine the appropriate way.

You can do precisely that in Merzouga, and finish it all the customary way with a glass of mint tea.

4. Lac Dayet Srij

Lac Dayet Srij
Source: Pavel Szabo / shutterstock
Lac Dayet Srij

This salty occasional lake four kilometers west of Merzouga dries out in the mid year however is recharged by the pre-winter downpours.

As a monster blue sheet against the desert ridges, Lac Dayet Srij would be visually appealing under any conditions, however is all more mind boggling for its plentiful birdlife.

In excess of 30 unique species have been spotted on the lake’s shores, from pipits to shelducks, sandpipers, plovers, wagtails and storks.

In any case, the stars are the more noteworthy flamingos, which are best seen around March and April.

5. Morocco National 4×4 Auto Museum

Morocco National 4×4 Auto Museum
Source: Art Konovalov / shutterstock
Morocco National 4×4 Auto Museum

One of the more dreamlike sights in Merzouga is a public historical center committed to go 4×4 romping vehicles, here on the edge of the desert.

This fascination is allowed to enter, and presents a little armada of 4×4 vehicles including Jeeps, Fords, Land Rovers, Range Rover, Toyotas, Moroccan armed force vehicles, just as some more amazing shows like a solitary seater buggy and a land and/or water capable vehicle.

The most established vehicle on show is a Ford Model T, oddly fitted with rough terrain tires.

6. Khemliya

Source: Reimar / shutterstock

A short way out of Merzouga is the town of Khemliya, which has a little local area of individuals from the Gnawa ethnic gathering.

Gnawas started in Central and West Africa, and were brought to what exactly is currently Morocco and Algeria as slaves (the word, Gnawa gets from the Berber for “slave”). After Islam was taken on by the Berbers, and bondage was abrogated, the Gnawas embraced Sufism, permitting them to rehearse specific pre-Islamic customs.

These included recuperating and supplication customs, which included performers playing bassy, driving songs on a string instrument called a sintir, joined by hand-applauds and call-and-reaction singing.

Frequently autonomous of its ceremonial reason, Gnawa music has been traded past Morocco and is commended at significant occasions like Essaouira’s Gnaoua World Music Festival.

In Merzouga you can organize a directed outing Khemliya for a cozy presentation of this antiquated artistic expression.

After the show you’ll be welcome to cull a couple of notes on the sintir.

7. Chez les Artistes (Galerie Laoun)

Chez les Artistes
Source: Chez les Artistes – Johanna et Lahcen Mahmoudi – Artistes Peintres / Facebook
Chez Les Artistes (Galerie Laoun)

This charming exhibition in Khemliya is controlled by spouse and husband, Johanna and Lahcen, both of whom are specialists.

Their works are on material and cedar boards, with pictures of Berbers in customary dress.

Likewise on show are painted ceramics, all accessible for procurement.

There’s a little bistro joined with additional seating in the yard, a serene spot for a glass of mint tea, powerful mug of espresso or a pop.

There’s a sintir at the bistro and in case you’re fortunate you might get an unrehearsed exhibition.

8. Sand Baths

Sand Baths
Source: Morocco Magic Travel / Facebook
Sand Baths, Merzouga

An elective treatment that will give you a story to tell to your companions back home, a sand shower implies being drenched in a rise at the actual stature of summer.

The sand will be normally warmed to more than 40°C and an opening will be delved for you to lie in, with simply your face uncovered.

This treatment has been drilled for quite a long time, and is professed to offer alleviation for ailment, back agony, joint inflammation and skin issues.

You’ll be managed and continually hydrated to forestall drying out and sunstroke, and subsequent to leaving your sand shower will be given a cover to forestall your body cooling excessively fast.

9. Full-Day Small Group 4×4 Dunes Tour

Full-Day Small Group 4×4 Dunes Tour
Source: marketa1982 / shutterstock
4×4 Dunes Tour, Merzouga

You might be pushed for time, so you can trade a camel for a cooled 4×4, and pack enough exercises for several days into only seven hours.

On this excursion you’ll abandon the streets, floating through the desert view, investigate Khemliya, play a sintir and meet a certified Berber family for lunch.

You’ll find out with regards to Berber customs and the intricate details of life in the desert, living with sheep and goats, and working jackasses.

Your supper will be madfouna, a stuffed flatbread lovingly known as “Berber Pizza”.

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10. Overnight in Luxury Tent in Desert Camp

Overnight in Luxury Tent in Desert Camp
Source: SmallWorldProduction / shutterstock
Desert Camp, Erg Chebbi

In case you’re a high-upkeep individual and would favor your excursion into Erg Chebbi to be pretty much as agreeable as could really be expected, there’s a bundle for you on

The Overnight in Luxury Tent at Desert Camp starts with an extraordinary dusk camel ride, after which your mount will be tottered and you’ll fix to an extravagant tent for mint tea followed by a delightful feast and bunches of stargazing.

The following day you can zoom off on quad bicycles or attempt sand-boarding, trailed by a genuinely necessary shower.

This experience incorporates water, and moves to and from your convenience or the bus stop in Merzouga.

Erlena Kimberly Once again, we have not conquered the peak, but yourself.