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Best Things to Do in Enfield (CT)

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Best Things to Do in Enfield

The town of Enfield is in the actual north of Connecticut, right against the Massachusetts state line on the east bank of the Connecticut River.

While Enfield is a fairly drowsy spot, with the greater part of its trade grouped on a strip shopping center along Hazard Avenue, there’s much to see and do inside a short vehicle excursion, and nothing on this rundown is in excess of 10 miles away.

Alongside Six Flags New England there are charming neighborhood exhibition halls, noteworthy houses, make breweries, ranch shops and family attractions with exercises like scaled down golf and laser tag.

You’ll never need to go far for a quiet strolling trail, on the course of an old railroad or the towpath of the channel that permitted boats to explore the Connecticut River in the nineteenth century.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Enfield.

1. Powder Hollow Brewery

Powder Hollow Brewery
Source: Powder Hollow Brewery / facebook
Powder Hollow Brewery

A specialty distillery with a provincial reach, Powder Hollow’s blends are on tap all over north-focal Connecticut and its jars appear in stores across the state.

Here in Hazardville, Enfield you can discover what’s going on with all the fight at the beguiling pub open seven days, and as late as 22:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Powder Hollow chooses excellent bounces, wheat, grain and yeast for a mixed, amazing and continually changing scope of lagers.

At the hour of writing in July 2019 there were 12 on draft, among them the Bayonet Blonde, Hoppy Hollow IPA, Lift Your Kilt (Scottish lager), Muddy River Scantic Brown Ale, Early Morning Oatmeal Stout and 1929 Prohibition Porter.

You can arrange a trip of four of five to test what’s happening, and in the event that you get peckish you can generally arrange a pizza.

2. Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England
Source: James Kirkikis / shutterstock
Six Flags New England

The most established event congregation in the Six Flags Chain, opened in 1870, is right across the waterway and over the state line in Springfield, Massachusetts.

For anybody into roller coasters, Superman The Ride, falling down a 67-meter drop, is still enormous information in the rollercoaster local area, positioning in the main five for the Golden Ticket Awards’ Top Steel Roller Coasters consistently from 2001 to 2018. Some other chief white-knuckle encounters are Flashback, Batman: The Dark Knight, Goliath, Wicked Cyclone and The Riddler Revenge.

A novice from 2017, The Joker is a “fourth aspect thrill ride”, flipping you overwhelmed with passion up to multiple times along a crisscrossing track.

There’s an index of different rides, both innovative and more customary, similar to the dazzling 1909 Illions Carousel and Houdini – The Great Escape, a crazy house ride.

More youthful youngsters will be captivated with all the animation mixed fun at Looney Tunes Movie Town, and there are loads of gentler rides in the Kidzopolis zone.

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3. Sonny’s Place

Sonny’s Place
Source: Sonny’s Place / facebook
Sonny’s Place

Nearby in Somers, Sonny’s Place is one of those large family attractions that has a touch of everything.

For an extremely short rundown, you’ll find go karts, laser tag, batting confine, a climbing divider, a huge open air delicate play structure, smaller than expected golf, scaled down bowling, a gyrator and a zip-line.

Loved ones can likewise attempt the new Hologate computer generated reality game, participating to fight robots and zombies or having a blameless snowball battle.

In 2017 Sonny’s Place gained a delightful merry go round, tracing all the way back to 1925 and flaunting hand-cut and painted ponies.

At some point or another this action will make you peckish, and there’s a café with a take-out window so you can go for an excursion in the late spring.

4. Connecticut Trolley Museum

Connecticut Trolley Museum
Source: Malley Photography / shutterstock
Connecticut Trolley Museum

This charming occasional historical center committed to electric railroad is on a reestablished 1.5-mile stretch of the Hartford and Springfield Street Railway Company’s Rockville Branch, what began running in 1901. The line was rejected 1926 when the organization failed, yet this piece was reestablished exactly 14 years after the fact, making the Connecticut Trolley Museum the most seasoned of its sort in the country.

With the cost of affirmation you’ll get limitless rides on affectionately protected vehicles from the New Orleans Public Service, the Boston Elevated Railway, the Connecticut Company, Montreal Tramways and the Fair Haven and Westville Railroad.

A few more are on static showcase in the historical center’s sheds, while a couple are in the reclamation shop.

The Visitor Center’s Main Hall has some fine models and meticulously describes the situation on the beginnings and progress of trolleys in the United States.

5. Scantic River State Park

Scantic River State Park
Scantic River State Park

Enfield is lucky to have heaps of public regular space, yet where things get confounding is that the biggest park in the space is really spread across a few particular spaces, all on or close to the banks of the serpentine stream of a similar name.

The recreation center amounts to just shy of 800 sections of land and seeps into East Windsor and Somers in places.

If all else fails, make for Hazard Avenue where there’s a green passage crossing the town line with Somers, at the Powder Hollow Section and the Scantic River Linear Park (West and East), just as the Bailey Road bundle, on the contrary bank.

The Linear Park has a roundabout Yellow-Blazed trail along the riverbanks and into quiet broadleaf backwoods.

There are seats to absorb the view and a couple of little scaffolds crossing the streams that feed the waterway.

6. Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail

Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail
Source: Jennifer Yakey-Ault / shutterstock
Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail

For a simple yet pleasant walk you could move over toward the west bank of the Connecticut River for this cleared 4.5-mile trail on the old towpath of the Enfield Falls Canal.

That stream was worked during the 1820s to sidestep the shallower reach of the waterway at Enfield Falls, a segment with rapids.

Albeit the trench was soon old when the railways showed up, it was repurposed during the nineteenth century as a method for driving plants, and production lines sprung up along the towpath.

Windsor Locks takes its name from the trench’s own locks, which are still set up, yet have been down and out since the 1970s.

Take as much time as necessary on the path to see the value in the successive vistas over the waterway.

7. Phelps-Hatheway House

Phelps-Hatheway House
Source: Phelps Hatheway House and Garden / facebook
Phelps-Hatheway House

In adjoining Suffield, this notable house is a momentous report for design and the ways of life of rich in the eighteenth century.

The most punctual segments of the Phelps-Hatheway House went up in 1732 and in 1795 significant changes were made by the unmistakable planner Asher Benjamin for the land theorist Oliver Phelps.

Benjamin added the ceremonious Doric colonnade that welcomes you at the principle entrance.

The focal square of the structure is from 1762, set around an impressive chimney stack and ornamented with impeccable unique woodwork.

At one time, following the Phelps and Gorham Purchase of 6,000,000 sections of land of upstate New York, Phelps was perhaps the biggest landowner in the United States and lived here from 1788 to 1802. The house is open for visits on ends of the week from May through October and provides you with a brief look at the homegrown existence of the Phelps family and the Burbanks before them.

The property is packed with eighteenth century furniture and enriching expressions and has a refined parterre outside.

8. Enfield Public Library

Enfield Public Library
Source: Enfield Public Library / facebook
Enfield Public Library

For individuals situated in the Enfield region the public library is a gift from heaven, for its broad list as well as on account of its many projects fitting any and all individuals.

There’s something happening practically day by day, and for youngsters this may be the Star Lab convenient planetarium, star-looking, Rhyme Time for babies, a workmanship club during the school breaks, story time, natural life talks, enchantment shows and significantly more.

For adults there are book conversations, talks by writers and acoustic music exhibitions, and that is scarcely starting to expose what’s underneath.

There are film screenings on Fridays, for little ones AM and for grown-ups later on.

9. Redstone Rail Trail

Redstone Rail Trail
Old East Longmeadow Rail Station

You can get this short however sweet cleared path directly over the state line in East Longmeadow.

The Redstone Rail Trail is minimal more than 1.5 miles long and follows the since quite a while ago deserted bed of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Armory Branch of the New York and New England Railroad, being used from 1872 to 1968. Traveling north, towards the finish of the walk you’ll see the saved Old East Longmeadow Rail Station.

One more interest close to the path is the East Longmeadow Rotary, a convergence of even roads without traffic signals, obviously famous among drivers!

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10. Pell Family Farm, Somers

Pell Family Farm, Somers
Source: Pell Family Farm / facebook
Pell Family Farm

Precisely the sort of spot you desire to coincidentally find in the New England open country, Pell Family Farm returns to 1930 and its now in its fourth era.

Between pre-summer and fall you can visit to pick your own berries, while the nursery works in perennials, protection trees and fancy bushes.

To keep the entire family engaged there’s additionally a corn labyrinth, wagon rides, horse rides, face-painting and some barnyard animals like goats and jackasses that little ones will worship.

In fall there’s a pumpkin fix, and in the appearance season individuals come to choose and chop down their own Christmas trees.

11. Grassmere Country Club

Grassmere Country Club
Source: Grassmere Country Club / facebook
Grassmere Country Club

Open to visitors, this exclusive hangout in Enfield has a nine-opening course in lavish, sloping territory, streaked with little creeks and including conveniently tended fairways and greens.

Guilefully situated sand traps and grass fortifications will test your methodology play, and before you start there’s a training green to assist you with tracking down your touch.

Thinking about the undeniable degree of upkeep, rates are a sensible $21 on work days and $22 on ends of the week, and you can lease a gas truck for $8.

12. New England Air Museum

New England Air Museum
Source: jjbers / Flickr
New England Air Museum

The biggest avionics gallery in the Northeastern United States is a basic excursion on the opposite side of Windsor Locks.

Avionics has had a significant impact in Connecticut’s set of experiences, and this historical center will let you know all you really want to be familiar with Sikorsky Aircraft, established in the town of Stratford and delivering the United States’ first practical helicopter during the 1930s.

There are eight Sikorsky planes and helicopters on show, among a sum of 92 airplanes across three shelters, by de Havilland, Douglas, Grumman and Lockheed, via presentation.

Among the displays you can’t see elsewhere, there’s the Silas Brooks Balloon Basket (1870), held as America’s most established airplane, the last-enduring Sikorsky VS-44 flying boat and a Sikorsky S-39, the producer’s most established enduring airplane.

13. Enfield Square Mall

Enfield Square Mall
Source: jjbers / Flickr
Enfield Square Mall

Enfield has had a shopping center since the mid 1970s, and despite the fact that Enfield Square is secured by Target, it’s to a greater extent a spot to get something to eat and get a film than finish some genuine shopping (close by Hazard Avenue has more stores). The Cinemark has set client experience above income by giving bigger, more agreeable seats that lean back.

Come on Thursdays for reduced cost tickets, to watch another delivery for just $6.10. Food-wise, Enfield Square shopping center has a blend of inexpensive food and full-administration chains like Outback Steakhouse, Wendy’s, Subway and Starbucks.

14. Brainerd Park

Brainerd Park
Brainerd Park

Inquisitively, Brainerd Park is found on Enfield’s Brainard Road (note the spelling distinction!), and is a convenient nearby entertainment region, particularly assuming that you have small kids.

Wrapped up new coniferous woodland and laid with wood chips, the jungle gym has enormous sets for babies and greater children, encircled by tree-concealed seats for tired guardians.

For more established guests there’s a b-ball court and softball fields, all looking great when we composed this article in 2019.

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15. Broad Brook Brewing

Broad Brook Brewing
Source: Broad Brook Brewing / facebook
Broad Brook Brewing

This honest specialty distillery has recently observed a comfortable new home in Suffield.

Expansive Brook Brewing has an agreeable wood-framed pub, pouring a modest bunch of IPAs (counting a twofold), a watchman, a red beer, a strong and a German-propelled ale.

You can attempt a flight and ask the staff for certain tips, while there’s likewise a determination of visitor wines on the off chance that you’re in the mind-set for something other than what’s expected.

The tavern is open Wednesday to Sunday.

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