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Ancient Theatres of Greek Roman Antiquity

The Mediterranean lie the remains of the ancient theaters of the Greek and Roman world. The Greek theaters were large, open-air structures constructed on...
3 min read

Famous Roman Amphitheaters

When one thinks of Roman entertainment, savage fights between prisoners and animals (like in Gladiator) and chariot races (like in Ben-Hur) come to mind....
4 min read

Best Things to Do in Longboat Key

Longboat Key is located in the center of a long barrier island that sits between the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the...
3 min read

Best Things to Do in Tournai

Tournai is a city and municipality located in Hainaut Province, Wallonia, Belgium. The city is located 85 km southwest of Brussels. Grand Place, lovingly...
3 min read

Best Things to Do in Brooksville

Brooksville is a city of nearly thousands of residents located a few miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico along the central part of...
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Best Things to Do in Roeselare

Roeselare is a city and municipality of Belgium in the Flemish province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the town of Roeselare proper and...
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Most Amazing True Pyramids of the World

As can be seen from the list of Amazing Step Pyramids, ancient civilizations around the world built multilevel pyramids. After the ancient Egyptians built...
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Best City Beaches in the World

Soaking in the sea right after work is something that most people can only dream of. For some reason, the turquoise sea and beautiful...
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Best Things to Do in Sebring

Sebring is a city of about 10,500 residents that was officially incorporated in 1913. It’s most well-known for its world-famous race track that hosts...
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