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  Once again, we have not conquered the peak, but yourself.


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Best Things to Do in El Jadida

Distending into the Atlantic at Cap de Mazagan, El Jadida is a port city with a sudden European Renaissance emphasize. On the water are...
7 min read

Best Things to Do in Agadir

Where the western edge of the High Atlas Mountains drops to the Atlantic, Agadir is a port and sea shore resort with all year...
7 min read

Man Made Wonders of the World

The earliest lists of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were made more than 2,000 years ago by ancient Hellenic tourists. Except for the...
3 min read

Magnificent Fairytale Castles around the World

The most famous fairytale castles are probably the ones that originate from legends and myths. Well known examples are King Arthur’s Camelot and the...
3 min read

Best Things to Do in Merzouga

The Erg Chebbi hills on the Morocco-Algeria line ring with everybody’s most heartfelt thought of the Sahara. These ethereal hills are shades of orange,...
4 min read

World Famous Walls

Walls have been built since ancient times, to mark borders, to keep enemies out or to keep people in. In more recent times walls...
3 min read

Oldest Temples in the World

A temple is roughly defined as a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities. Temples have been built throughout the ages and many new...
4 min read

Rock Cut Tombs and Temples

Rock-cut architecture is the practice of creating a structure by carving it out of solid natural rock. There are many examples of work of...
3 min read

Most Amazing Volcanoes on the Planet

Volcanoes have long been a source of myths and legens. To ancient cultures, volcanoes’ power could only be explained as acts of gods or...
3 min read